i222 Downlight

Imagine a world where your living and working spaces are constantly shielded from air and surface infections. A world where you can breathe easy, knowing that your health is safeguarded. That world is now within your reach, thanks to the i222 Downlight.

Whether you’re a teacher, a restaurateur, a gym owner, or an office manager, the i222 Downlight is your ally in creating a safer environment. It’s a piece of innovative technology that blends seamlessly into your space, as it’s mounted on the ceiling, just like a spotlight.

But this is no ordinary light. It emits a 222nm Far UV-C light, a powerful yet safe wavelength that cleans the air and surfaces around you. There are no harmful rays, just a protective shield of light that helps keep your space infection-free.

And to give you complete peace of mind, the i222 Downlight has a robust 2-year/17,500-hour warranty. That’s a reliable solution that keeps working, day in and day out, to protect you, your employees, and your customers from the risk of infection.

Harness the power of 222nm Far UV-C light. Make your space a safer place. Choose the i222 Downlight today.



222nm light is proven to eradicate 90% of SARS-CoV-2 in upper air in 30 seconds


Care222™ lamp filter prevents any harmful UV-C exposure to room occupants


i222 Downlight carries a 2 year/17,500 hour unit warranty


  • 2 year/17,500 hour warranty
  • Ushio Care222™ safety filter
  • 222nm UV-C frequency
  • Safe for use in occupied spaces
  • 60° or 100° lamp configuration
  • Variable settings – Continuous, Timed, Motion Sensed
  • Free installation design
  • Dimensions 7” x 5” – Weight 4lbs

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